You know that dream you’ve buried? Drag it out and dust it off.

Stop living for yourself. You are nothing. Stop living for everyone else. They are nothing when you are unsatisfied.
When you abandon God you have nothing to live for. Except yourself. And I’ve learned the hard way that, without God, I’m a worthless, unsatisfied nobody.
I became a master artist of lies, weaving intricate plots to avoid consequences. I was ashamed and yet continued to lie until everyone I loved despised me. When they tried to help me, they hurt themselves.
I began to suffer from severe depression. I lived hour by hour, fretting over every little thing. It was misery. My former passions were now ghosts that constantly reminded me of my failure. To seek motivation was to enter a barren wasteland. I hated each second of my existence. The objects, actions, relationships that had once made me “happy” were sources of disappointment.
God was literally standing in front of me saying, “Let me help you. I will help you bear your burdens.” And I shoved him aside. Attending church was too much effort. Socializing was tedious.
I still had hopes and dreams, but they grew to seem like distant, lofty aspirations meant for some other individual.
To live without God is to live a life that makes a finite impact. You are a particle of dust.
Eventually, I reached the edge after crawling around on my scraped up knees, blind and pathetic. God didn’t push me off the cliff; I pushed myself. Don’t blame God for your issues, look in the mirror: There is a gaping hole in your shriveled heart and you ignore it while you bleed to death. No more excuses.
I fell so far I thought I’d never get out. I had already given up long beforehand. God doesn’t give up, though. Instead, he slapped me in the face and told me, “Look around you. People are suffering everywhere. You are whiny and you are nothing without me. Stop staring at the ground, look to me and reach out your hand because I’ve been here for you this entire time. So, you’re covered in bruises, so what? I’ve used people in worse shape than you to change the world. Your passions cannot be achieved without falls.”
Stop living for yourself. How can you change the world if you cannot change yourself?