Writer’s Curse

Lost in an eternal moment, a pensive, overwhelming mood. My thoughts devour me until I grow empty, yet the complexity of the world is within my mind. If only I could bridle the chaos of words and create meaning. I am emotion, so hidden, but at the same time barely contained in myself. One day I wonder if the world shall pour out of me, an aching waterfall of feeling that has no end, consuming every problem in the world.

My thoughts are fleeting, writhing, mangled things. Mysteries. I find myself considering humanity’s predicament and am plunged into the deepest ocean, choking on my useless tongue. I have a voice that could be heard clearly from heights of mountains, but it is trapped inside my beating heart. Words are but abstract sounds; we give them significance. Entropy is beauty incarnate, refusing to follow the river’s flow and instead becoming my Plague.

The earth is a looming weight upon my broken shoulders, but the Creator’s hands prevent it from crushing me.


3 thoughts on “Writer’s Curse

  1. I want to like this! I do! But I know so much about entropy that I can’t in good conscience do it! IT IS THE RIVER!!! šŸ˜‰

    Looks like you’re thirsty to read some Milton’s Paradise Lost. You know you want to. You know you do. (He believed on a fundamental level that all things that ever happened continue to happen, simultaneously. In this, he understands the moment of Jesus’s death to happen every moment of every second of every day, for eternity. His is also an eternal thought: and he wrote a great epic still being discussed today)

    • I have never read Paradise Lost, maybe I should! And I was going to write “chaos”, but I don’t like to repeat words, so I figured “entropy is close enough”. Even though now I’m out of that quirky mood that image makes no sense/

      • It’s stream-of-consciousness. I love it. Just because it doesn’t make logical sense doesn’t mean it doesn’t make emotional sense. I was just giving you a hard time. šŸ™‚

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