Dread of an Author

What if my passion is for naught?
If the novel I have attempted to perfect for so long results in an unopened dream on someone’s shelf, collecting dust upon yellowing pages?
What will happen if not a soul appreciates the words I have so zealously pondered?

Why are some books great and others tossed in the trash? When I walk through the bookstore and see the thousands of books that line the shelves I worry mine will be one of those that never feels the stroke of a hand within its pages.

Do other writers fear the same fate or am I the only one?



4 thoughts on “Dread of an Author

  1. Very interesting. I don’t consider myself to be a writer and I would not even attempt to write a book. Only due to lack of talent, not because I don’t want too. I would guess that this is a fear harboured by the majority of writers and probably something you will get used to over time. Maybe you’ll sell a million of your first book, then worry that the second will sell less ;]

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