Musings of Yesteryear

Yesterday is the best time to feel inspired about today.
Many times when I go to bed I spend a great deal of time staring up into the darkness and thinking about all of the splendiferous things I will do the following day. It seems as if anything is possible and at these times I am bursting with motivation. I swear I have come up with entire plots for best-selling novels in my limbo between wakefulness and dreamland. I make life-changing decisions to change my diet and learn to speak Farsi. Again and again I go through plans in my head to make tomorrow the beginning of a better me.


Forget about writing a book or exercising; I can barely drag myself out of bed. I have never even gotten around to obtaining an alarm clock that doesn’t screech my sleepy ears off. When I wake up in the morning I may recall an ancient memory of inspiration, but if I can drag myself to work I consider myself accomplished.
Why is it so difficult—seemingly impossible—to develop enduring motivation? I have attempted to create checklists and reward systems to incur a smidgen of incentive. I am halfway through completing the novel I began to write two years ago. I need to start caring because I cannot stand the thought of tomorrow reflecting today.
What is something you have been putting off? Go do it. Now.
Suggestion: Listen to dramatic instrumental music. It makes even the dullest tasks seem intense!


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