Ranting of a Stranded Dreamer

When I tell people that I want to become a translator in order to traipse isolated mountain regions, wander through jungles, and work with indigenous groups, they assume I must have some experience traveling internationally.

I live in the U.S. I’ve been to Canada before, but only because it was the quickest way to drive to Michigan. Other than that I have never crossed the border.

Every time my church has had a mission trip my family has conjured some reason to keep me safe at home:

“Mexico is full of drugs.”

“You have never been on a plane.”

“Your father gets sick on planes.”

“Putin is taking over Ukraine; there is no way you are going anywhere near that place!”

The closest I have been to living in another culture is working at McDonald’s.

Meanwhile, I have witnessed enviously my friends’ departure to Morelia and heard all about the girl who has gone off to Ethiopia. It pains me to listen to anyone describe the trip he or she has taken to Italy because when they begin complain about the terrible bathrooms I want to say, “But the culture, the history, the language! Who cares how awful the bathrooms were when your feet were able to amble the streets of Venezia!”

Is there anybody else who wants to travel but has not yet been able? Please tell me I am not the only one 😀


7 thoughts on “Ranting of a Stranded Dreamer

  1. You are not the only one! All my friends have been to the most awesome places and I have barely ever left my country. The only place I could visit was London – but that was for work and not on holiday. But you’ll see, one day we will travel the world, too! 😀

    • I would love to visit the UK! Of course, my country is much bigger 😉 Canada was like visiting another state when I visited it; it’s a lot like the U.S. (I hope Canadians don’t read that because I think they might have a problem with that statement… :O )

      • Haha I’m sure they won’t be bad at you for saying that 😀 Visiting other countries sounds a lot more difficult (and more expensive) for you…hah….
        My country is super tiny – 4 hours in the car and I’m already in my neighbouring country! And even so….never saw different countries much….makes it even more depressing haha.
        Oh, have you heard of those scratch off word maps? One day I will be able to scratch a lot off! Haha 😀

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