Aloha everyone! 😀

What is your favourite word, in any language?





2 thoughts on “WoRdS

  1. One of my favourite words is probably the Kazakh word “jai”. It has an amazing range of meaning, including the ideas of “just” or “simply”, “no particular reason”, “easily”, “comfortably” and “just because”.
    -“Why did you come to the bazaar?” “I came jai”
    -I had one of the last “jai” visas they made.
    -“Are you comfortable in that chair?” “Yes, it’s jai”
    Difficult to express the whole idea in English, which is part of what makes it awesome.

    • That is really interesting! Thank you for sharing 🙂 I love how some concepts and words are difficult to translate into other languages; that is what makes learning another language meaningful.

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