Making Words from Gibberish

Aloha mis amigos!

Have you ever seen writing in an alphabet you cannot read or heard music that sounds like utter gibberish?

If not, you are living a very isolated life, my friend.

In year seven of school, I had to choose a language to learn. I had three options: Spanish, French, or Latin. Everyone took Spanish and French–Latin was for the weirdos and nerds. My heart yearned to study the French language, but, alas, my parents told me I could learn either the dead tongue of Virgil or Spanish. I had no interest in Spanish. I remember watching taco commercials on TV with the generic Mexican-sounding narrator saying”Muy bien!” and “Delicioso!” If I had to choose, I would choose Latin with the weirdos, I decided.

I made a mistake. I was subjected to translating stories about people named Marcus and Sextus (oh, yes, the middle schoolers though that name was hysterical.) We spent, like, ten chapters translating about how a carriage got stuck in a ditch on the Via Appia and I was bored to tears.

Somehow, I fell in love with Spanish. No idea how it happened, but the summer before year eight I bought a Spanish song off iTunes, wrote the lyrics down, memorized every rolled “r” and accent in those words, and taught myself more Spanish in a few months than all my friends had learned in a year of taking the class in school. I tested into the class with only a few months left of my eighth year.

Apparently I had some uncanny ability to transform gibberish into words or something. It’s kind of funny how I ended up hating French for a while after that. Life is weird.


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