Ciao a tutti!

As I’ve told you, I am bilingual. I have been attempting for a long time now to learn a third language, but I can never seem to commit. I fell in love with Mexican Spanish because Latin American culture is rich and beautiful to me. I’ve dedicated a decent amount of time to learning Italian and Farsi, yet I’ve never reached the point of saying “yes, this is the one.” So…

What do you guys think of Icelandic? It appeals to me for some reason. Perhaps because the nation of Iceland itself is so rich with literature and history?

What languages do you know? Are you content with your knowledge of languages or would you like to learn more? Are their certain cultures that interest you?


Just a photo of my Bible in Hindi. I love collecting books in other tongues. Hindi appears so elegant on paper.


2 thoughts on “~Experiences~

  1. I’d actually like to learn another language as well, I know I want to learn Japanese and Finnish but since I haven’t finished with German. I’m reluctant to start. Icelandic is a beautiful language but material for it is few and far inbetween. I think there is a Teach Yourself book for it though.

    • I’ve become slightly interested in Japanese lately. I’ve studied so many languages it is ridiculous. The ones I have studied the most have been: Spanish, French, and Italian, which I took in school; and Farsi, Italian, and Chinese. Not sure if that was the proper use of a semi-colon, but whatever. I completely understand why you would not want to begin learning another language–I am fluent in Spanish, but I feel like I always have room to improve, especially when it comes to speaking.
      Secretly, I would love to learn an obscure language, but it is so difficult to find material! It would take a lot of dedication and time that I don’t have.

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