How to Learn a New Language

Aloha everyone!

Thank you for the people that have decided to follow me. I thoroughly appreciate it! It is nice to see that there are people interested in languages and writing 🙂 That being said, I thought I’d make a post about helpful resources for learning languages, whether you are still monolingual or already know several and wish to learn another one!

I have discovered some great resources online that can help you along the way:

1) Forvo is a site that compiles words from as many languages around the world as possible and has native speakers pronounce them. It’s a great tool!

2) Busuu connects people learning languages from around the world and provides language courses

3) Duolingo is similar to Busuu. It also has ways to practice language translation and have others correct your work

Also, I always suggest listening to music to improve your speaking and listening skills. Begin reading children’s books to slowly increase your vocabulary and learn grammatical skills 🙂 Does anyone else know of any great language learning sites or techniques?



9 thoughts on “How to Learn a New Language

  1. Didn’t know about busuu. Thanks for the info. A few other resources I would recommend too:

    1 – geared more for children, I find material aimed at kids a good place to start though.

    2. (also available as an iphone app – search for memrise). Uses visual mnemonics to aid vocab acquisition for the visual learner.

    3. – for the auditory learner, a very fast way of picking up the basics and very enjoyable too. However pretty expensive for the full courses.

    4. – Flashcards that utilise the principles of spaces repetition are likely to lead to lasting recall. Examples include iAnki and my own current favourite from voclab who have an iphone app too. Words will come back to you from anything between 1-31 days depending on how difficult you rate the word with easier words having longer intervals.

    Once the basics have been grasped then I think talking or emailing with a fluent speaker is important which is where the countless online forums and language chat rooms are worth exploring.

    • Thank you for suggesting more sites; I will have to look at those! And I agree that talking with fluent/native speakers is one of the most important ways to master a foreign language. Sometimes it may be difficult to find native speakers close by or immerse oneself, so the internet is a great tool 🙂

  2. This is great! Thanks for the info. I am a Spanish/Intercultural Studies student, but am almost done with a semester of German too. I hope to maybe pursue Linguistics in Grad school someday.

  3. Hi, thanks for sharing these sites. Duolingo is my favorite here – so cool and fun to use (and really good-looking, by the way) 🙂 I’d add two more sites here: – if you look for lessons with native speakers, that’s a great place to find them. The lessons are paid, but the quality of teaching and the technology behind this is really good. – this seems to be a new site, but I find it useful for just practicing writing and speaking skills with other learners (it’s a site for exactly that, by the way).

    • Thank you for sharing! I will have to look into those sites because I’ve never heard of them 🙂 I just discovered Duolingo a week ago and I like it better than Busuu so far.

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