Learning Spanish

Hey everybody!

If anybody wants to know why I named my blog Withering Thyme, I have no idea. I just like the sound of it. Maybe I will title my novel that if I ever finish it one day!


My mother tongue is English, but I also speak Spanish and have some knowledge of French, Italian, and Farsi (Persian).

Romance languages are not too challenging to learn and are extremely beautiful when spoken. The greatest thing I have discovered during my years of studying language is that if you care about a culture than you are more motivated to learn a language! I love Latin American culture, especially that of Mexico, and it has encouraged me to refine my Spanish. You never stop learning a language, even your native one. It’s like a puzzle and when you see the whole picture your view of the world is enriched and you are able to appreciate people so much more.

I hope there are some language geeks out there that can appreciate what I am trying to say! 🙂



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