‘Ello World

Anyone interested in learning languages or writing books/short stories/poetry? I have no idea what to say or if anyone will ever see this. Just writing to fill some space. I am on a mission to create a blog from nothing.


4 thoughts on “‘Ello World

  1. Go for it! Drive and passion predict success so your blog will do well I think but will take a year or two to really take off. So be patient, write regularly and it will happen. Personally I love anything to do with words/languages. Spanish and Arabic are my goals. Hope to read more from you. Withering thyme is a nice twist of spelling. Represents mans mortality as much as a dried herb!

    • Thank you for the encouragement. Arabic is also a beautiful language to learn! I have been considering creating a few language lessons on the blog, but I am not sure how that would go over. It does not hurt to try, though.

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