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What is your favourite word, in any language?





Making Words from Gibberish

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Have you ever seen writing in an alphabet you cannot read or heard music that sounds like utter gibberish?

If not, you are living a very isolated life, my friend.

In year seven of school, I had to choose a language to learn. I had three options: Spanish, French, or Latin. Everyone took Spanish and French–Latin was for the weirdos and nerds. My heart yearned to study the French language, but, alas, my parents told me I could learn either the dead tongue of Virgil or Spanish. I had no interest in Spanish. I remember watching taco commercials on TV with the generic Mexican-sounding narrator saying”Muy bien!” and “Delicioso!” If I had to choose, I would choose Latin with the weirdos, I decided.

I made a mistake. I was subjected to translating stories about people named Marcus and Sextus (oh, yes, the middle schoolers though that name was hysterical.) We spent, like, ten chapters translating about how a carriage got stuck in a ditch on the Via Appia and I was bored to tears.

Somehow, I fell in love with Spanish. No idea how it happened, but the summer before year eight I bought a Spanish song off iTunes, wrote the lyrics down, memorized every rolled “r” and accent in those words, and taught myself more Spanish in a few months than all my friends had learned in a year of taking the class in school. I tested into the class with only a few months left of my eighth year.

Apparently I had some uncanny ability to transform gibberish into words or something. It’s kind of funny how I ended up hating French for a while after that. Life is weird.


Ciao a tutti!

As I’ve told you, I am bilingual. I have been attempting for a long time now to learn a third language, but I can never seem to commit. I fell in love with Mexican Spanish because Latin American culture is rich and beautiful to me. I’ve dedicated a decent amount of time to learning Italian and Farsi, yet I’ve never reached the point of saying “yes, this is the one.” So…

What do you guys think of Icelandic? It appeals to me for some reason. Perhaps because the nation of Iceland itself is so rich with literature and history?

What languages do you know? Are you content with your knowledge of languages or would you like to learn more? Are their certain cultures that interest you?


Just a photo of my Bible in Hindi. I love collecting books in other tongues. Hindi appears so elegant on paper.

How to Learn a New Language

Aloha everyone!

Thank you for the people that have decided to follow me. I thoroughly appreciate it! It is nice to see that there are people interested in languages and writing 🙂 That being said, I thought I’d make a post about helpful resources for learning languages, whether you are still monolingual or already know several and wish to learn another one!

I have discovered some great resources online that can help you along the way:

1) Forvo is a site that compiles words from as many languages around the world as possible and has native speakers pronounce them. It’s a great tool!

2) Busuu connects people learning languages from around the world and provides language courses

3) Duolingo is similar to Busuu. It also has ways to practice language translation and have others correct your work

Also, I always suggest listening to music to improve your speaking and listening skills. Begin reading children’s books to slowly increase your vocabulary and learn grammatical skills 🙂 Does anyone else know of any great language learning sites or techniques?


Learning Spanish

Hey everybody!

If anybody wants to know why I named my blog Withering Thyme, I have no idea. I just like the sound of it. Maybe I will title my novel that if I ever finish it one day!


My mother tongue is English, but I also speak Spanish and have some knowledge of French, Italian, and Farsi (Persian).

Romance languages are not too challenging to learn and are extremely beautiful when spoken. The greatest thing I have discovered during my years of studying language is that if you care about a culture than you are more motivated to learn a language! I love Latin American culture, especially that of Mexico, and it has encouraged me to refine my Spanish. You never stop learning a language, even your native one. It’s like a puzzle and when you see the whole picture your view of the world is enriched and you are able to appreciate people so much more.

I hope there are some language geeks out there that can appreciate what I am trying to say! 🙂